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Tune Into the Webinar, Inside the Laser: The QuadroStarPROYELLOW

Are you an aesthetic practitioner looking to expand your services? Providing cosmetic pigmentation correction is highly favorable for existing practitioners and medical aesthetic providers thanks to advanced laser technology. Using medical-grade laser machines for pigmentation correction is also a great way to enter the industry for those looking to start a business by offering aesthetic services.

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Practitioners' Guide to Pigmented Lesion Laser Removal

Various factors, including sun overexposure or longer-term sun damage, genetics, and aging, can cause dark spots or pigmented cosmetic irregularities on the skin. Although pigmented lesions do not pose a threat to one's health, they can be a cause of self-consciousness. As the medical aesthetic industry grows and the demand for procedures such as pigmented lesion laser removal increases, understanding how to optimize your aesthetic laser practice to deliver the best clinical results is important. This article outlines strategies practitioners can utilize to increase patient satisfaction, average medical spa revenue, and overall profitability of their aesthetic laser practice.

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Correcting Sun Damage, Melasma, and More with the QuadroStarPRO YELLOW, Featured on "The Doctors"

Sun damage, dark spots, and unwanted pigmentation are skin imperfections that many people go to great lengths to hide or remove. Featured on The Doctors television show, one patient finally achieved the results she longed for using the QuadroStarPRO YELLOW laser after years of failed treatments and expensive temporary solutions for concealing her melasma. 

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