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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Season 1, Episode 12

As the year draws to a close, so does the season finale of Astanza Tattoo Removal News. Even if it’s the year's final episode, it is still jam-packed with Astanza’s latest offerings and current events in the tattoo and laser tattoo removal world. Read our blog for a quick episode summary, or watch the full video below.

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Inside the Laser Series: An In-Depth Look at Astanza's Lasers

When getting into the aesthetic laser business, the most crucial part is choosing your specialty and what type of laser to use for your services. However, learning the details and differences between each laser can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with aesthetic laser devices. Astanza’s new webinar series, Inside the Laser, gives an in-depth look at each of Astanza’s lasers, hosted by our laser experts and biomedical engineers. All your questions will be answered during each webinar with the opportunity for live Q&A.

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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Season 1, Episode 10

Astanza is back with another episode of Astanza Tattoo Removal News and this month’s episode features a special announcement: A brand new aesthetic laser device has joined Astanza’s product line! Plus, watch the video for exclusive information on our latest offerings, marketing strategies, and resources for laser tattoo removal practitioners and an inside look at a laser tattoo removal business celebrating its first anniversary.

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Celebrate Your Aesthetic Practice Staff! It's National Nurses Week

Successful businesses aren’t created overnight; they’re built over time with the help of dedicated employees always working to create the best experience possible for their clients. As an aesthetic practice owner, you’re well aware of how important hiring and maintaining a strong team is. Without the help of your office staff and aesthetic practitioners, your clinic wouldn’t be where it is today.

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Laser Hair Removal: The Best Aesthetic Treatment for Your Med Spa

Laser hair removal has become a favored procedure for people wanting their summer vacations to be hair and stress-free. It is considered the most sought-out laser procedure for both men and women to remove unwanted hair. The demand for laser hair removal is rapidly increasing, making it a highly profitable procedure to add to the services at your aesthetic business with the right tools.

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Get Ahead: Outline Your 2022 Aesthetic Practice Marketing Strategy

As part of a successful business marketing strategy, your aesthetic laser practice should have a dynamic communications outline ready to go for the New Year. Whether you’re a well-established practice or are a first-time entrepreneur just getting started, creating and utilizing a strong marketing strategy for your aesthetic business is the best way to secure happy customers and ultimately increase your profits. Both new and established aesthetic practices should strategize how they want to grow their business year over year. Follow the three key tips below to optimize your aesthetic practice’s marketing efforts.

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Finding the Perfect Meeting Rhythm for Your Aesthetic Clinic

At Astanza, one of the award-winning services that we provide to our clients is Marketing Support. We offer this to our clients because we firmly believe that our clients' success is, in turn, our success. We want to set clients up to succeed and continue to provide superior marketing support throughout our relationship. Our dedication to clients is why we sometimes offer information focused on clinic-building or running a clinic more smoothly. After all, a laser clinic, aesthetic practice, medspa, or physician's office is a business.  

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5 Ways to Reduce Patient No-Shows at Your Aesthetics Clinic or Med Spa

Getting stood up by a client for their appointment at your aesthetics clinic or med spa is never ideal. Any business owner plagued by no-shows or chronically late clients can tell you it's a drain on their time, efforts, and, unfortunately, finances. 

If you've found your aesthetics business struggles with keeping your appointment books full and running smoothly, keep reading for our tips to reduce patient no-shows! 

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NEW Aesthetic Resource Library: Webinars, Ebooks, and Bears Oh My!

At Astanza, we believe in continuing education and finding learning experiences at every turn! We strive to provide our clients and fellow aesthetic industry members with world-class service, training, marketing support, and technology to help you achieve your goals and continue to grow in your field. In doing so, we regularly create and share relevant webinars, ebooks, guides, videos, and blog posts with our followers.

To house our extensive content library, we recently unveiled our newly optimized Aesthetic Resources library, easily accessible through our main menu (click "Resources" at the top of the website)! 

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