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Bad Habits Tattoos and Laser Tattoo Removal Featured in Clinical Webinar

Most tattoo artists would say about half of their requests are for coverups or tattoo modifications. Incredible coverup artwork is definitely achievable – there are even artists who specialize in coverup tattoo artwork. No matter how talented the tattooer is, there will be limitations depending on several factors like the color of the original tattoo, the individual’s skin type, how the tattoo was applied, etc. Even with advancements in tattoo equipment and application methods, there will still be some coverup requests that are simply out of reach. That’s where laser tattoo removal comes in – more and more tattoo artists are learning about the technology behind laser tattoo removal and how they can easily add it to their existing studio.

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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Season 2, Episode 3

Celebrity tattoo removal stories trending online, training opportunities, and upcoming resources for aesthetic practitioners – this month’s episode of Astanza Tattoo Removal News is full of exciting updates and entertaining news.

Astanza Tattoo Removal News is the place for all things tattoos, tattoo removal, laser technology – and more. Astanza is the leading provider of FDA-cleared, medical-grade laser devices offering various procedural capabilities, but began as a tattoo removal training and laser device distribution company before expanding its product line. Tattoo removal is Astanza’s bread and butter, so to speak. Our monthly show on tattoos and tattoo removal is another way we’ve increased our offerings to continue catering to laser practitioners and future business owners. Keep reading this blog for an outline of each segment, and watch the full episode below!

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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Season 2, Episode 2

Tattoos, tattoo removal, laser technology and more – Astanza Tattoo Removal News Season 2, Episode 2 is here to share the latest in the tattoo removal and aesthetics industries. Highlights from this episode include: Tips on how to promote your tattoo shop and laser tattoo removal business, Astanza’s latest offerings and additions to our public aesthetic resource library for practitioners, and other newsworthy tattoo and tattoo removal moments from the last month.

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5 Key Steps for Entrepreneurs Entering the Tattoo Removal Industry

The tattoo removal industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with an increase in demand for safe, effective, and affordable tattoo removal services. Entrepreneurs are entering this lucrative market and offering laser tattoo removal services to their clients. Starting a new business in any industry takes a lot of research and diligent planning, especially when it involves using laser tattoo removal equipment. This blog outlines the five most important steps entrepreneurs should take to prepare for entering the tattoo removal industry.

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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Season 2 Premiere

Tattoos, tattoo removal, tattoo removal lasers and more – your favorite show is back! Season two, episode one of Astanza Tattoo Removal News premieres sharing the latest in the tattoo removal industry. From laser tattoo removal training opportunities to free resources for aesthetic practitioners and client features sharing #ChangingLives moments, the first episode of the second season is here to provide expert insight into the industry and entertain viewers.

This year, we have something new for you as well! Introducing the Astanza Tattoo Removal News PODCAST, available on Spotify and Apple Music! Now, you can listen to our show on your morning commute, at the gym, or whenever you’re on-the-go to catch up on the latest news. 

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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Season 1 Recap

One year and a dozen episodes later, season one of Astanza Tattoo Removal News is in the books. From sharing notable moments in the tattoo and tattoo removal industry to exploring the latest trends, Astanza’s Tattoo Removal News video series brought entertainment while keeping laser tattoo removal practitioners and entrepreneurs up to date with the latest industry news. Astanza Tattoo Removal News is your one-stop-shop for all things tattoos, tattoo removal, laser technology, and more. Keep reading this article to glance at our season one recap and check out each episode!

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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Season 1, Episode 12

As the year draws to a close, so does the season finale of Astanza Tattoo Removal News. Even if it’s the year's final episode, it is still jam-packed with Astanza’s latest offerings and current events in the tattoo and laser tattoo removal world. Read our blog for a quick episode summary, or watch the full video below.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Laser Tattoo Removal Training

A key part of beginning a laser tattoo removal business is knowing what to do before purchasing your technology. Getting the proper training can enhance the way your business flourishes, but it’s important to know what to expect before you step through the door of the course. Below we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal training so you can be prepared for your scheduled class.

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