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Trick or Treat – Share Something Sweet This Halloween


Trick or treat, time to share something sweet with your customers!

Halloween is the perfect holiday to incorporate a special treat for your clients this fall. Whether you’re thinking of having an in-person event, offering special discounts or package pricing to loyal customers, hosting a social media giveaway of sorts – Halloween is a great way to boost your brand and get more happy customers through your doors.

Keep reading for the ultimate social media contest idea for your laser tattoo removal business.

Host a Spookiest Tattoo Contest

As a laser tattoo removal business, you’ve probably seen some pretty out-of-this-world tattoos over the years. Whether it’s a poorly executed design, blasted ink job, or simply a scary sight to see (grim reaper, anyone?) – there are thousands of folks out there walking around with tattoos that are sure to spook.

Consider hosting a “spookiest tattoo contest” on your social media pages. Not only does this build engagement with your current followers, but it also gives great exposure to people who don’t already follow your page. Using appropriate hashtags, such as #halloween, #halloweencontest, or #halloweentattoos, you’re bound to garner attention from new users.

One lucky winner will receive the prize of your choice. Whether you give away a single free session or a complete tattoo removal package on the house, hosting a contest on your social media pages will get people excited about laser tattoo removal. This is also a way to educate people about the advanced procedure and why laser tattoo removal is the safest, most effective method of removing unwanted ink.

Two Ways to Tango

This spooky tattoo contest could go one of two ways. Option one: Post a photo of a previous laser tattoo removal patient (use one of your best before and afters for the ultimate appeal) and have folks simply like, comment and share to be entered to win. Option two: Have people submit a photo of the tattoo they’d like removed, then you and your team can choose one lucky winner.

The concept is the same for both, but the logistics of managing the contest will be different. 

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How it Works

Option one: Share a before-and-after of a previous client’s tattoo you’ve removed as an example. This not only shows folks the magic (science) of laser tattoo removal and how effective it is, but also allows you to showcase the effectiveness of the laser and get people excited for treatment.

Be sure to clearly state the contest rules in the post caption. A typical social media giveaway contest includes language and rules such as, “Like this photo, follow our page and tag three friends in the comments to be entered. Share the post to your stories and tag us for a bonus entry.”

If you’re going with option one, the management of the contest is fairly straightforward. Simply copy all the comments from the post and paste them into a spreadsheet. Use a free random number generator of your choice to select a name from the list of entries. Then, double check to see if that person liked your post, followed your page, and met all the other requirements you listed.

Option two: Share a before and after photo from a previous patient’s laser tattoo removal journey and ask people to submit a photo of their own tattoo to be entered to win. You could either ask people to submit their photos via direct message on your social profiles or to a specific email address. If you choose that route, we recommend asking them to put "Spookiest Tattoo Removal Contest" in the subject line, so you can easily spot or search the entries in your inbox and not miss anyone. Asking folks to send a photo of their regretful ink allows you and your team to take the reins and choose the one you like best (or least) and award them free laser tattoo removal.

Once you’ve chosen and reached out to your winner, don’t forget to announce it! Any time you host a contest on social media, people who enter want to know who won. Announcing the contest winner on your social media page allows the other entrants to see you followed through with your promise of the giveaway. But don’t stop there – don’t lose out on the other participants’ interest. Consider sending a private promotion such as “15% off your next laser treatment” to everyone else who entered.

Don’t forget to share!

Boost the exposure even more by sharing the results once you treat the winner! People love to see full-circle moments; by engaging your social media audience, you’re letting them know you care to follow up and also that you’re proud of your work.

If you feel a little lost in the woods on how to host holiday promotions and run social media campaigns, no need to fret – we’ve got FREE downloadable Halloween graphics just for you.

And while you’re at it, check out our blog from earlier this month for even spookier ideas that are bound to delight both your most loyal fans and brand new customers, too.

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