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Underarm Laser Hair Removal with the Asclepion MeDioStar


Underarm hair can be a tricky thing to deal with. Depending on how fast your hair grows, frequently shaving can be an annoying and expensive task! Having to buy a new razor blade every month and taking several minutes to shave every time can add up in time and money!

When you weigh the pros and cons of shaving vs laser hair removal, you will find that when you add up the cost of razors (and shaving cream and bandaids for the inevitable nicks and cuts) and the time spent shaving, it makes sense that millions of men and women are turning to laser hair removal every year.

With Asclepion’s MeDioStar laser, backed by Astanza, you can now get the safest, fastest, and most effective results to have long-lasting reduction in underarm hairs.

How It Works

The MeDioStar laser sends light beams that travel down the hair shaft and heat the follicles during a treatment, destroying the root that supplies hair nourishment. Once the source is destroyed, the hair follicle will stop producing hair growth.

Multiple treatments are needed to ensure permanent hair reduction and successful treatment. Laser hair removal is only active during the anagen phase when hair is actively growing. For this reason, several laser hair removal treatments are necessary to target the hair during its growing stage. 

Why Asclepion MeDioStar?

The Asclepion MeDioStar is revolutionizing hair removal techniques thanks to leading advancements in diode technology. The MeDioStar is the preferred choice for aesthetic practitioners, medical spas, dermatologists, and physicians due to its industry-leading spot size, innovative cooling system, and safety features. 


Industry-Leading Spot Size

The MeDioStar's Monolith handpiece series features an XL handpiece with an industry-leading 10 cm2 spot size ideal for large areas like the legs, arms, back, and chest. This large interface allows practitioners to perform treatment on particularly large areas in as little as 5 minutes! Furthermore, the MeDioStar's full-powered S handpiece is specifically designed to treat smaller areas like the underarms, bikini area, face, and more, allowing for precise and practical application. 

360º Contact Skin Cooling System

The gold detailing on the MeDioStar handpiece also serves an essential purpose. The framing is a 360º contact skin cooling system that cools the skin efficiently before every light blast. This cooling sensation makes treatment extremely tolerable, minimizing the pricking sensation that most patients experience in laser hair removal treatments.

Safety Features

One of the great benefits of using the MeDioStar for underarm hairs is the convenience of getting treatments done year-round, no matter the season. Unlike other lasers that cannot account for skin tone changes due to tanning, the MeDioStar can adjust protocols to match skin type, even if a patient has recently traveled to a hotter climate destination. Furthermore, the MeDioStar is safe for all skin types, meaning both light and dark skin types are equally safe during treatment without diminishing the effectiveness of the laser.

Are you interested in getting laser hair removal done with Astanza’s Asclepion MeDioStar? Look for a provider near you!

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