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Elkhart County Jail Delivers Non-Profit Astanza Duality Laser Tattoo Removal to Inmates


Astanza loves highlighting clients that use laser tattoo removal to change the lives of people in their community. Elkhart County Jail Ministry is doing just that by providing inmates with free removal of gang-related, offensive, and regretful tattoos. Elkhart County Jail already has 200 inmates signed up for laser tattoo removal treatment and more waiting in line for this life-changing opportunity.

Astanza has partnered with various non-profit organizations like Elkhart County Jail to help remove tattoo regret for those in need. Elkhart County Jail is only providing laser tattoo removal to inmates within their facility, however, they are looking to partner with local health care facilities to continue treatment for inmates when they are released. Cory Martin, Elkhart County Jail’s Chaplin, invested in the Astanza Duality to make re-entry into society easier for inmates.

They have to get a job. They are leaving with no money. No transportation, not a strong support structure. So we are trying to reduce the hurdles that inmates face when they get out and tattoo removal is one of those,” said Martin.

Astanza is hosting a special webinar on October 16 that will share stories from successful laser tattoo removal non-profits and insight on how to fund a laser tattoo removal non-profit and more.

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Sign up to watch the pre-recorded 45-minute webinar and learn how non-profits are successfully using laser tattoo removal to remove tattoos and change their clients’ lives.

If you are interested in starting a non-profit laser tattoo removal organization or receiving assistance with funding or grant writing for an existing organization looking to provide laser tattoo removal, please contact bhasenbauer@astanzalaser.com. 

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