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Why Fall and Winter are the Best Times for Laser Tattoo Removal Treatments


The temperatures might be dropping, but we have some sunny news!  With 2019 just around the corner, many people are excited to start the new year with a new look by updating their existing tattoo or getting rid of unwanted ink.  Here are a few reasons why now is the best time to start your laser tattoo removal treatment:

  1. You won't have to think twice about covering your treated skin. 

    While you're bundling up for the winter, you naturally make it easier to cover or hide your tattoos while they're in the treatment process. It's typically recommended to keep the treated area bandaged with sterile gauze for three days after treatment.  If you're not thrilled about an unsightly gauze bandage throwing off your outfit, never fear - it'll likely be covered with your favorite cozy sweater and cold-weather gear. 
  2. Following your after-care plan is WAY easier.

    One of the biggest elements of an after-care plan is avoiding sun exposure.  Although we usually hate to see the sun disappear more frequently during the winter, it actually makes following your after-care plan a lot easier.  It's highly recommended to protect the treated area with sunscreen for up to three months after treatment.  

    (More snow = less sun = easier after-care fun) :) 

  3. Your treatment could be complete by summer time! 

    The length of laser tattoo removal treatment programs will vary by patient based upon their ink, tattoo size, placement, skin type, etc.  However, many patients can achieve complete tattoo removal after 3-7 treatments!  That means you can possibly soak up some rays and show off your new look by the time summer rolls around!

  4. You can make a big deal out of your finished look (because it is!).  

    Speaking of showing off, you can have a more exciting reveal if you take advantage of this treatment timeframe!  It's important to keep in mind that laser tattoo removal is not a one-time treatment, and your ink will appear differently in between treatments as it fades away. Because you'll keep your tattoo covered during the colder months, you'll avoid annoying questioning AND get to be as dramatic as you'd like when you reveal your new look. 

Learn how you to achieve the best results during your laser tattoo removal treatments.

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