Deduct Your Tattoo Removal Laser: All About Section 179

Unless you are an experienced business owner that has previously purchased capital equipment, you may have never heard of Section 179.

It's a tax break designed to encourage small business owners to continue investing in growing their businesses. 

If you currently run a business – a physician practice, a medical spa, or even a tattoo shop – the Section 179 deduction can save you thousands on your next tax bill.

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Astanza to Speak at the 2018 Texas Vision Summit Re-Entry Conference

Astanza Laser is excited to speak at the annual 2018 Texas Vision Summit Re-Entry Conference November 1-2, 2018 in Bryan, TX!  David Murrell and Brian Hasenbauer (Astanza Laser), along with Amber Gabler of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department Program, will speak on how laser tattoo removal is critical in the re-entry process.  

Speakers, workshop presenters, and a network of re-entry specialists will share their ideas and experiences on re-entry from the criminal justice system and how our own communities are affected.  

Conference attendees will learn more more about: 

  • Innovative programs or service providers that assist offenders re-entering from the criminal justice system with housing, transportation, employment, education
  • Providing services to special populations such as Veteran’s, those with medical and behavioral health impairments and the LGBT community.
  • Communities that have developed policies to promote seamless re-entry for offenders
  • Research and evidenced based practices
  • Motivational success stories from ex-offenders, their families and others

The Texas Vision Summit is hosted by the Texas Re-Entry Advisory Council (TRAC), a nonprofit organization whose goal it is to sponsor the Texas Vision Summit Re-Entry Conference without political division.  TRAC aims to support re-entry throughout the state of Texas and improve our communities through easy access to education and resources.  The 2016 Texas Vision Summit hosted an overwhelming 200 attendees, and TRAC is eager to offer their conference to their communities again. 

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Hair-ifying Costume Inspirations that Could Benefit from Laser Hair Removal

Halloween is here, and we have a few favorite hairy characters from over the years to get you in the Halloween spirit (or at least give you some serious costume inspiration)! Whether they're new favorites or cult-classics, you can't help but wonder if some of these famous screen characters would've opted for laser hair removal over their spotlight-stealing styles...

So here it is... the best halloween costumes that would benefit from laser hair removal!!! Comment below to share your favorites ... pictures are highly encouraged. 

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Free Tattoo Removal at Las Vegas New Look Laser College

We are offering a FREE LASER TATTOO REMOVAL TREATMENT to qualifying individuals at New Look Laser College in Las Vegas! During our 2-day training program, our clients have the opportunity to test our industry-leading equipment and improve their laser tattoo removal skills. We need practice patients to be treated by our participating clients, overseen by the course director.  

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Dr. Robert H. Burke Presents Modern Advancements in Tattoo and Hair Removal

Astanza Laser is thrilled to host world renowned surgeon and Astanza client, Dr. Robert H. Burke, MD FACS at our Modern Advancements in Tattoo and Hair Removal seminar, November 1 in Tampa, Florida. 

Dr. Burke is an incredibly accomplished leading expert in the aesthetic industry.  A multiple board-certified surgeon, he also serves as a journal editor and educator. Dr. Burke is the founder and director of the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery, an AAAHC accredited surgical facility. He also serves as a Clinical Professor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Facial Plastic Surgery at both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. 

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Texas Juvenile Justice Department: A Featured Astanza Governmental Laser Tattoo Removal Program

Astanza Laser is centered around changing lives through the use of aesthetic laser procedures. Laser tattoo removal is one of the most impactful tools for people with gang-related ink, human trafficking tattoos, and tattoos received under duress. Not only do these tattoos serve as painful reminders to their owners, but they can also prevent opportunities for employment.

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