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3 Key Steps in Purchasing a Tattoo Removal Laser


Investing in a tattoo removal laser device is a great way to expand medical spas, aesthetic practices, tattoo shops, and even plastic surgery centers! Due to increasing demand for laser tattoo removal services, quick treatment times, and special savings on equipment, purchasing a tattoo removal laser is a highly profitable investment and ideal way to grow your business. Whether you're purchasing an aesthetic laser for the first time or have experience buying capital equipment, make sure you take these critical steps outlined below in your purchasing process.

1 ) Research Laser Companies, Not Just Their Devices 

Many first-time buyers don't realize the importance of finding the right laser company to work with. Researching aesthetic laser companies is a crucial step in purchasing a tattoo removal laser because the company you choose to do business with will be instrumental in the long-term success of your practice. When researching laser companies, be sure to ask about their initiatives to support your aesthetic clinic, med spa, or tattoo shop after purchasing a laser. The main areas of support you should have include training and certification, technical support, repairs, and business planning.

It's crucial to surround yourself with people who are just as invested in your success as you are. The laser company you choose should be able to answer your questions, respond quickly, and service your equipment when necessary. Astanza prides itself on its award-winning team that guides clients throughout their entire purchasing process and supports their business in every way. 

2) Apply for Financing 

Similar to cars and houses, purchasing a tattoo removal laser is possible, thanks to attainable financing. Most laser companies either offer internal financing or have strong ties with trusted finance companies to refer their clients. Buyers should expect a credit check and downpayment requirement. If buyers are struggling to determine what monthly payments they can afford, consult with your laser company's business development managers to find a sustainable balance between monthly payments, treatment pricing, and revenue margins. To learn if you're eligible for laser financing, click here to get pre-qualified and begin the sales process.   

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3) Look for Ways to Save 

When purchasing a tattoo removal laser, business owners should always look for ways to decrease cost and increase profitability. Always ask your aesthetic laser company if they have any specials, discounted pricing, bundles, or opportunities for first-time buyers you can take advantage of. Small business owners should also be aware of the savings they can claim from the Section 179 tax deduction.

Section 179 is an IRS tax code that allows businesses to deduct the total cost of qualified equipment from their taxes. Section 179's purpose is to help small businesses grow and continue investing in their business by giving them a tax break for the types of investments that enable growth. Business owners can apply the deduction to equipment that is purchased, leased, or financed. Read more about the critical requirements for a purchase to qualify for Section 179 in 2020.  

Learn More About Buying an Aesthetic Laser

Purchasing a tattoo removal laser and other capital equipment is an exciting step for tattoo shops, medical spas, and aesthetic practices in growing their business! To simplify the purchasing process, Astanza is excited to share a special-edition webinar cohosted by our President (David Murrell), seasoned Business Development Manager (Opal Taskila), and our financial partner, Geneva Capital!

Topics discussed are essential steps to take before purchasing, where to purchase, affording a laser, saving money with Section 179, and more! Click here or below to watch the on-demand webinar!

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