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5 Ways to Reduce Patient No-Shows at Your Aesthetics Clinic or Med Spa


5 Ways to Reduce Patient No-Shows at Your Aesthetics Clinic or Med SpaGetting stood up by a client for their appointment at your aesthetics clinic or med spa is never ideal. Any business owner plagued by no-shows or chronically late clients can tell you it's a drain on their time, efforts, and, unfortunately, finances. 

If you've found your aesthetics business struggles with keeping your appointment books full and running smoothly, keep reading for our tips to reduce patient no-shows! 

1. Send Reminders through Automated Emails or Texts 

Receiving quick, automated reminders via text or email has saved all of us from missing an appointment at some point! As brands continue to update how they communicate with their customers, we've seen more businesses switching to digital reminders. The beauty of this method is that the notification is hard to lose. If your customer can't remember when they scheduled their next treatment, they can easily find their reminder email or text through a quick keyword search in their inbox.

Through these automated touchpoints, the customer can also reschedule or confirm their appointment time through an included link or by replying directly to the message. Sending your clients these texts and emails increases the chance they'll show up for their scheduled treatment - or at least call you in advance to reschedule if necessary! Make sure you make it easy for the client to contact you through these reminders by including your business's website, phone number, or even social media account name if you can handle scheduling through various platforms.

2. Provide Appointment Cards or Postcards 

We can't count out the hard copy! Although receiving reminders on our phones may be more convenient, some patients and customers still enjoy a physical reminder - either a business card-sized appointment card or a postcard in the mail. Sometimes a combination of both digital and physical reminders works better for different clients, so it's preferable to have both available. If you're not keen on spending more money on branded stationery, you can always jot down their next appointment time on the back on your business card! Like digital reminders, make sure your business's name, website, phone number, and other relevant contact info are easy to read on your physical reminders. 

3. Contact No-Show Immediately and Try to Reschedule 

If your client is 5-10 minutes late for their appointment and you haven't heard from them, reach out via call or text. Often, they're on the way or almost to your location. Whether it's due to traffic, car trouble, kids, etc., we've all appreciated the flexibility and slack from businesses when we're running late! Always offer to reschedule their appointment to keep their business and show you're willing to work with their schedule. While it may be frustrating when your clients are late or have to reschedule last-minute, do your best to present yourself as patient, understanding, and polite while on the phone or leaving a voicemail with your client. 

4. Sell Packages Instead of Individual Treatments

If the treatments you provide require multiple sessions over time, try selling them as a packaged deal. By having your clients pay for all their treatments up front, they'll feel more vested in the process and be less likely to miss sessions (costing you time and money). We typically recommend slightly discounting the cost per treatment when selling packages to make the offer more attractive to potential clients. While they'll save a little cash throughout their treatments, you'll benefit from earning that revenue from the get-go and guaranteeing your appointment book stays full moving forward. Packaging treatments also decreases the chance they'll take their business elsewhere. 

5. Last Resort: Implement No-Show / Late Fees 

Unless you've been burned by no-show patients in the past or are concerned your clients might flake, we typically recommend implementing no-show/late fees as a last resort. Some clients may feel intimidated or off-put by this move and view it as your unwillingness to be flexible. However, every staff member's time is valuable and should be respected. Always do what's right for your business and client-base to continue moving in the right direction. 

Set Your Clinic Up for Success

Keeping your clinic or med spa running smoothly is no simple feat! Whether it's patient no-shows or external forces, we know that business owners can face multiple challenges on their path to success. If COVID-19 has impacted your aesthetics clinic or med spa and you need help getting back to work in this "new normal," download our "Guide to Reopening Med Spas and Laser Clinics Amid COVID-19." In this complimentary guide, we outline a few key steps you can take to prep your clinic for success and promote the health, safety, and wellness of everyone who walks through your door. Click here or below to download!  

Download Your Guide to Reopening Med Spas and Laser Clinics Amid COVID-19

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