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A Look into New Look Laser College


Treatment 11 web.jpgNow is the perfect time to take advantage of the laser tattoo removal market by expanding your existing practice or starting a new business. Laser tattoo removal has grown increasingly popular over the last couple of years as more and more people seek to remove their unwanted tattoos. 

Aside from great results, one of the first things patients research before choosing a clinic is the practitioner’s education and certification. Is the laser technician following appropriate protocols? Are all staff members knowledgeable about the procedure and how it works? Does the clinic use technology that is safe for all skin types and effective on all ink colors?

When a clinic is backed by expert, tattoo removal specific training and certification, patients are more likely to trust their services. The same can be said about almost any business. People are more inclined to get a tattoo from a professional tattoo artist rather than an amateur that picked up tattooing as a hobby.

Astanza Laser’s training division, New Look Laser College, provides in-depth training to individuals, from all professions and backgrounds, who are interested in entering the laser tattoo removal industry. This article will give you a look into the unparalleled two-day training course offered by New Look Laser College.


Experts in Laser Tattoo Removal

The New Look Laser College training course is a comprehensive learning program that, unlike other training courses that span several weeks, provides in-depth didactic tattoo removal training and hands-on laser practice, all in the span of just two days. 

Founded in 2007 in Houston, Texas, New Look Laser College has since expanded internationally and is the longest-running laser tattoo removal school. New Look Laser College has held training courses throughout North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Far East. 

Our most recent international course in Copenhagen, Denmark had attendees from five different international countries. Our most recent domestic course had attendees from eight different U.S. states.

Furthermore, New Look Laser College has trained a diverse group of clients from various backgrounds, including plastic surgeons, dermatologists, aestheticians, entrepreneurs, and tattoo artists. The course is taught by tattoo removal experts who have worked with thousands of highly profitable tattoo removal clinics. The course has been designed and refined throughout the years to educate and prepare individuals who are interested in entering the growing tattoo removal industry.

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Course Curriculum

New Look Laser College covers every topic one must know to perform and understand the application of laser tattoo removal, as well as how to successfully manage a laser tattoo removal clinic. Below is a glimpse of the two-day course schedule and curriculum.


  • DSC_0716.jpgLaser Tattoo Removal Overview
  • Laser Safety
  • Skin and Tattoo Types
  • Laser Protocols and Procedures
  • Extensive Hands-on Practice with Actual Patients


  • Laser Physics
  • Side Effects and Aftercare Instructions
  • Patient Questions and Answers
  • Consultation Procedure and Pricing
  • Before and After Results
  • Tattoo Removal Business Discussion
  • Making and Advertising Your Tattoo Removal Practice
  • Medical Directors and State Regulations

By the end of each course, clients will understand how tattoo removal lasers work, which protocols to use for different tattoos and skin types, how to address patient questions and concerns, safe laser operation and application, and which marketing and advertising methods are most effective. 

The hands-on training gives clients the opportunity to practice with an actual laser, first on paper, then, on real model patients. New Look Laser College uses a diverse pool of patients of all skin types with tattoos of all colors and locations.

Upon completing the course, each training client will receive three laser tattoo removal certifications:

  • Certified Laser Specialist (CLS) – represents a client’s in-depth knowledge of the tattoo removal procedure and their hands-on experience with lasers
  • Laser Safety Officer (LSO) – verifies a client’s understanding of Class IV medical laser risks and laser safety operations
  • Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Certification – recognizes a client’s experience removing pigmentation using non-ablative Q-switched lasers



Trainees that have attended New Look Laser College are now some of the top leading medical and tattoo removal practitioners worldwide. Astanza’s training division gives individuals a deep understanding of the ins and outs of the tattoo removal business and how to profit with this growing service. 

We’ve seen hundreds of cases and know what works to be successful in this field. If you’re interested in adding laser tattoo removal to your existing practice, setting up your own tattoo removal business, or wish to offer laser tattoo removal fading to your tattoo removal shop, New Look Laser College will equip you with the technology and knowledge you need to succeed.

If you’re interested in signing up for a New Look Laser College training course, visit the registration site or contact a training expert at (281) 846-5890 or info@newlooklasercollege.com for more information.

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