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Ariana Grande Offered Million Dollar Deal to Get Japanese Tattoo Removed by Astanza Client

Ariana Grande Offered Tattoo Removal from Astanza Laser ClientTalk about celebrity treatment! If you heard about Ariana Grande's recent tattoo mishap, you're officially in-the-know on pop culture.  You may not have heard that LaserAway, one of Astanza Laser's biggest clients, made her an exclusive, very public offer to remove her tattoo. 

Ariana Grande recently got a new tattoo for one of her latest singles to top the charts. Twitter effectively exploded when followers realized her Japanese script tattoo didn't read "7 Rings" as intended, and instead translated to "Japanese style barbecue grill."  Grande then tried to fix the mistake by adding to the ink, but made matters a little worse by making the tattoo then read, "Japanese BBQ finger." (Yikes.)

After this public ink incident, Grande and her manager, Scooter Braun, reportedly received a million dollar deal from an Astanza Laser client, LaserAway, to remove her tattoo for free in exchange for her participation in various promotional efforts and exposure on her Instagram account, boasting more than 147 million followers.  

Astanza Duality - Laser Tattoo RemovalWhether or not Ariana Grande takes the deal, LaserAway gave her the option to remove her unwanted tattoo with the Astanza Duality, one of the most effective solutions for laser tattoo removal.

Celebrities aren't the only ones with tattoo regret, and we frequently help patients find laser tattoo removal treatments with Astanza Laser providers. To make sure you get the celebrity treatment like Ariana Grande, use an Astanza Laser tattoo removal device.

If you're interested in getting a tattoo removed, click here to find a provider using Astanza Laser technology.  An Astanza Laser representative will help you find a provider near you!

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