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Astanza - Exclusive US Distributor for Asclepion

Astanza Laser and AsclepionIn the Summer of 2017, Astanza partnered with German-based laser manufacturer, Asclepion, to distribute some of their most popular laser products. Respected for their innovative dermatology, aesthetic, and surgical lasers, Asclepion Laser Technologies has been a global medical laser technology leader for more than 40 years.
Today, Asclepion has customers in more than 70 countries and is renowned for its trusted 'Made in Germany' product line and scientific expertise. Astanza is excited to bring four of Asclepion's flagship lasers to the United States and continue to help our clients provide superior aesthetic results.
Astanza has expanded its tattoo removal focused product line to include Asclepion lasers that treat a wide variety of high-demand aesthetic procedures including laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, vascular lesion removal, and more. Keep reading to learn about the Asclepion products offered by Astanza.

The EternityTSR

Astanza Eternity TSRThe Astanza EternityTSR, also known as the Asclepion TattooStar R, is a powerful Q-switched ruby laser that uses a unique 694 nm wavelength to target and remove resistant pigments like bright blues, teals, and greens. The EternityTSR can be operated at a maximum speed of 2 Hz, making it the fastest ruby laser on the market.

Other lasers that use dye handpieces to produce additional wavelengths and treat more colors reduce the laser's pulse energy, resulting in limited removal results. Contrarily, the Astanza EternityTSR is a full-powered laser that delivers 6x the power of dye handpieces and provides optimal ink shattering for the most stubborn inks and pigmented lesions.

The EternityTSR is the perfect addition for existing laser tattoo removal practices that want to achieve full-spectrum removal and better treat resistant tattoo colors. The EternityTSR is also paired with the Astanza Duality to create the tattoo removal industry's leading triple-wavelength laser, the Astanza Trinity.

The ReSmooth

ReSmoothThe Astanza ReSmooth, also known as the MeDioStar NeXT PRO XL, is a powerful diode hair removal system that delivers versatility, efficiency, and pain-free hair removal. This system was the first diode laser for hair removal introduced to the Astanza aesthetic product line.

The ReSmooth emits 2,400 watts of power, which ensures greater skin penetration to destroy deeply embedded follicles. It emits a unique combination of 810 nm and 940 nm wavelengths and offers greater versatility in treating all skin types, notably darker skin types. The ReSmooth is also designed with patient comfort in mind thanks to its SmoothPulse mode and integrated skin cooling for painless treatments. Featuring highly specialized handpieces with interchangeable large and small tips (9.1 cm2 and 3.0 cm2), the ReSmooth can treat both large and small areas in a matter of minutes.

The MeDioStar

The MeDioStar laser hair removal device by Asclepion and AstanzaThe Astanza MeDioStar is a superior diode laser technology that also uses the unique wavelength combination of 810/940 nm. With power up to 5,000 watts and the industry's largest spot size at 10 cm2, the MeDioStar delivers greater penetration to destroy the deepest hair follicles.

The MeDioStar also features a one-of-a-kind line of Monolith handpieces. Each handpiece supports 360º contact skin cooling and protects the skin from unwanted burns and discomfort. Aslepion's TAPER technology ensures an even distribution of energy over the entire treatment area, preventing hot spots, reduced risks of side effects, and optimal protection for all skin types, including darker skin types and newly tanned skin.

The MeDioStar is adored by physicians around the world, including Dr. Jason Emer who stated that the Astanza MeDioStar is, "one of the best laser hair removal devices on the planet."

The DermaBlate (MCL31 Dermablate)

Astanza Dermablate The Astanza DermaBlate, also known as the Asclepion MCL31 Dermablate, is the gold standard for ablation and fractional technology. This Erbium:YAG laser is converting CO2 laser followers into DermaBlate lovers thanks to its safe and gentle treatment for numerous skin concerns.

The DermaBlate Erbium laser uses a 2,940 nm wavelength that reaches the maximum peak of water absorption to deliver rapid water vaporization in skin tissue, producing unparalleled results for skin ablation and significantly shorter healing time compared to CO2 lasers.Thanks to the Er:YAG laser's limited thermal effects, the DermaBlate delivers less painful procedures than CO2 lasers as well.

The QuadroStar PROYellow

Astanza QuadroStarPRO YELLOWThe Astanza QuadroStar PROYellow is the new gold standard for vascular treatments and was even featured on The Doctors show. Its unique 577 nm yellow wavelength offers maximum hemoglobin absorption for precise vascular treatments like telangiectasia, spider nevus, cherry angioma, port wine stains, spider veins, venous lake, and more. The 577 nm wavelength is also safe for darker skin types and requires less fluence for superior results than the 532 nm wavelength.
The QuadroStar PROYellow features a 1 mm scanner with integrated cooling to treat large areas and a handpiece with various spot sizes for flexible, precise treatment on both large and smaller vessels. Dermatologists and physicians also appreciate the homogeneous beam profile for maximum precision and low melanin absorption for fewer side effects.


About Asclepion

Since 1977, Asclepion Laser Technologies has been operating as a leader on the international medical laser market. Its ongoing successes, thanks to the constant development of new techniques, have made Asclepion Laser Technologies one of the most qualified companies in the entire optics industry worldwide.


Today, more than 70 countries trust in the 'Made in Germany' technology of Asclepion Laser Technologies. Asclepion has achieved this goal by working on all fronts and pinpointing an innovative offer system to ensure its distributors' and physicians' success. The service leadership that Asclepion, true to its mission statement, has built up over the years, ensures the creation of positive effects for all of the company’s clientele, local partners, physicians, and patients.

For more information about Asclepion, visit https://www.asclepion.com.

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