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Regretful Heart and Astanza Duality Featured in Jailhouse Redemption on discovery+


Astanza loves showcasing our clients’ amazing work and the incredible work they’re doing with our laser technology to change the lives of those they serve. We’re incredibly proud of Regretful Heart, an Astanza laser client in Richmond, Virginia, who was recently featured on discovery+'s all-new docuseries “Jailhouse Redemption.”

Jessica Sebastian, owner and lead technician at Regretful Heart, makes a special appearance in the show’s premiere episode. She helps inmates remove face tattoos to prepare for re-entry into society. Keep reading to hear about Jessica’s experience and how Regretful Heart is making a positive impact through laser tattoo removal.

About Regretful Heart

Established in 2020, Regretful Heart is a laser tattoo removal practice in Richmond, VA, using the Astanza Duality Q-switched laser. With many tattoo artist friends, familiarity with the tattoo industry, and being a tattoo lover herself, owner Jessica Sebastian decided to open a tattoo removal practice to fade and remove unwanted ink and improve cover-up tattoos. Little did she know that Regretful Heart would be the business it is today – a company that changes lives and provides second chances.

About Jailhouse Redemption

Jailhouse Redemption is a brand new discovery+ docuseries that premiered on May 12. It follows Sheriff Karl Leonard and his team at Chesterfield County Jail as they introduce a drug addiction recovery program to help a group of inmates and heroin addicts start a path to recovery. The Heroin Addiction Recovery Program (HARP) is an intensive initiative that helps those suffering from addiction and guides them upon release back into their communities. Regretful Heart was asked to help HARP participants remove regretful and inhibiting tattoos as part of the inmates’ recovery and reentry process. Check out Regretful Heart’s Jailhouse Redemption feature below:


Interview with Jessica Sebastian


How did the discovery+ feature come to be? Did you already have a partnership in the works with the county jail?

“About a month into being operational, I found an email from the Chesterfield County Sheriff in my inbox asking me if I’d be willing to help the participants of the HARP program. I jumped on the opportunity and was really excited. It wasn’t until later down the road that I found out discovery+ would be involved and would film our first session.”

How was the experience treating inmates and filming?

“Filming was a little tough for me. I’m one of those people who like to melt into the background and not have cameras on my face. Discovery+ made the whole experience as comfortable as possible; cops and cameras made me nervous and sweaty. I just had to keep reminding myself why I was there. Giving the inmates a change of scenery, a reason to talk about their future, and treating them like everyday clients was important to me.”

What was the biggest #changinglives takeaway from this experience? 

“Honestly, I think my life has changed. I certainly know that I’ve helped the perception of these individuals when they are released into society by removing gang tattoos from their faces and swastikas on their hands. My biggest takeaway is that I would’ve never been in a room with people like that. I would’ve never had those conversations or been so open to listening to how they’ve changed and what they want out of their lives. So many of their visible tattoos sit like gravestones on a life that they’ve outlived, and it’s important for me to erase reminders of that so that they can focus on the future.”

Regretful Heart - Jailhouse Redemption - Laser Tattoo Removal

How does it feel to use laser tattoo removal to impact your community? 

“I never imagined I would be removing trafficking tattoos or Aryan brotherhood tattoos. Those aren’t just harmful to the individual, but they’re hurtful and traumatic for others to see as well. Providing the service to people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it boosts how they feel about their own identity and helps build a stronger community. Having a laser is an actual superpower, and I could never JUST use that to turn a profit.”

Changing Lives with Laser Tattoo Removal

Countless correctional facilities, rehabilitation programs, non-profits, and laser tattoo removal businesses are using laser tattoo removal to help individuals in need gain a fresh start. As a result, many inmates like the ones at Chesterfield County Jail can go through a positive transformation journey that is often otherwise unattainable because of their visible tattoos – tattoos that once reflected a past chapter in their lives that no longer represent their current stage.

As one of the HARP inmates says to Sebastian after his laser treatment, “I appreciate what you’re doing, for real. Like this is – this is life-changing. So, like, this means a lot to all of us, for sure.”

Astanza’s core values center on #changinglives, and we’re so proud to have clients that carry the same mission as us. Congratulations again to Regretful Heart and all the fantastic, life-changing work they’re doing for the Richmond community. Want to book an appointment with Regretful Heart? Visit www.regretfulheart.com, call (804) 404-6428, or reach out to them on Instagram and Facebook.

If you’re interested in creating your own #changinglives program or nonprofit laser tattoo removal program, contact Astanza today or visit our non-profit tattoo removal resource center on our website to learn more.

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