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Tattoos and Tattoo Removal: Better Together


Some people may think laser tattoo removal practitioners are anti-tattoo. We get it – for too long, the tattoo and tattoo laser removal industries were at odds, seemingly antagonistic. However, the reality is quite the contrary.

How many times have you seen a poorly executed tattoo? Or, maybe you’re an ink lover yourself but have tattoos that no longer fit your aesthetic. Instead of having to create a darker, more ink-intensive cover-up, what if you could achieve exactly the art you wanted? Great news – you can!

Astanza has partnered with dozens of tattoo artists, helping them increase their value and profits by adding laser tattoo removal as a service to their existing tattoo shop. Tattoos don’t actually have to be forever! Continue reading to learn how tattoos and tattoo removal are, in fact, better together.

Create the Designs of Your Clients Dreams

Thanks to the advanced technology of laser tattoo removal, getting rid of unwanted ink has never been easier. Laser tattoo removal is the safest, most-effective method for removing undesired tattoos. Whether your clients want an old tattoo faded down for a cover-up or are seeking complete removal, adding laser tattoo removal as an offering to your studio allows you to individualize your artistic services.

Astanza tattoo removal lasers are ideal for tattoo studios that want to add laser tattoo removal to their existing shop. More and more tattoo artists are realizing that laser tattoo removal enhances their ability to produce the best possible body art and increase profits. 

1 Point Tattoo in Hawaii utilizes the Astanza Duality laser device to perform tattoo removal – allowing them to create beautiful new artwork on top of both faded and fully-removed tattoos. The photo above shows the before and after of tattoo fading and the final product – an intricate, colorful design that aligns perfectly with what the client wanted.

The average number of sessions for simply fading down a tattoo for a cover-up is about three. Whereas the average number of laser tattoo removal sessions for complete removal is between five and 12.

Increase Profits by Adding Tattoo Removal to Your Studio

Aside from creating the best possible artwork as a tattoo artist, you can also significantly increase your business’s profits by adding on tattoo removal services. While each tattoo removal journey is unique, the average cost for one tattoo removal session is about $200. The average time of a single treatment is about 15 minutes. Say you have back-to-back clients and service four people in an hour – that average revenue per hour is $800. 

If one client is seeking complete removal of a tattoo, and you’re charging $200 per session, say it takes seven sessions to remove their tattoo entirely. That’s $1,400 in revenue from a single client! We know as a tattoo artist you’ve seen just about everything under the sun when it comes to old, faded, or poorly executed tattoos. Yet, when someone comes into your studio seeking a cover-up, they may never have even heard of or thought to seek out laser tattoo removal.

But by having that consultation with them and educating them on the technology of laser tattoo removal, not only are you going to produce an even better end result, but you also are increasing your profits. Truly a win-win situation for you and your customers.

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Tattoo Studio Owners Set Themselves Apart by Offering Tattoo Removal

What’s more than creating supreme artwork and increasing your profits? Decreasing your competition. Tattoos are becoming increasingly less taboo in the workplace, regardless of profession. And with the climbing popularity of tattoos, the demand for tattoo removal only continues to grow.

Eden Body Art Studios, a designer tattoo shop in Dallas, TX, recently added full-color spectrum tattoo removal to their services utilizing the Astanza Trinity laser device. Co-owner Colton James said they always intended to add laser tattoo removal since their studio’s inception.

“We constantly get inquiries for cover-up tattoos, which are just not possible a lot of times because of how dark the original tattoo is. We wanted to be able to lighten tattoos to make cover-ups easier and also remove unwanted tattoos that don’t meet people’s expectations anymore,” James said.

James said the full-spectrum technology was essential as they sought out different tattoo removal machines because they didn’t want to turn anyone away. “When we were looking at other devices and different companies, we quickly found that a lot of lasers can't remove blue and green tattoos, which is something a lot of our competitors can't do. So it was important for us to have a machine that removes blues and greens, reds, and black tattoos.”

Setting yourself apart from your competition, increasing your profits, and creating the designs of your clients’ dreams are all possible by adding laser tattoo removal as a service.

Ready to launch your laser business? Have questions and want more detailed information? Contact Astanza today and one of our experts will be happy to answer all your questions. Because as you’ve seen by reading this blog, tattoos and tattoo removal are indeed better together. 

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