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Tips for Picking the Best Software for Your Med Spa


Tips for Picking the Best Software for Your Med SpaIf you're reading this, there's a good chance you're not satisfied with the current state of your med spa or aesthetic business. Whether you feel your clinic is unorganized, unprepared for each day, or always running behind, not having your business running like a well-oiled machine can lead to stress, tension, and missed steps in your work environment.

To help, keep reading for tips on picking the best software to improve your med spa's operations and marketing efforts. 

Identify Your Areas for Improvement 

It's easy to say, "we need to make our clinic more efficient." However, that statement is too broad to help outline areas you'd like to change. Everyone wants their business to be more efficient, but where has your med spa specifically been struggling? Pinpointing the specific areas you'd like to improve will help you hone in on them, track progress, and inform your decision when choosing the best software for your med spa. 

For instance, here's an example of a big idea (that's good in theory), but too broad to put into action: "Our med spa needs to be more organized." 

Instead, identify the pain-points you want to overcome with phrasing like this: "Let's find a system for digitally organizing patient files and progress photos that we can implement at the beginning of Q4."

The former sentence is an okay-starting point, but the latter helps you set goals with clear-cut action items you can use to achieve them. Take the time to sort out what exactly you're looking for: scheduling software with appointment booking, point-of-service (POS) functionalities, HIPAA compliance, Patient Health information (PHI) security, photo management system, etc.  

Decide on a Budget 

Once you've identified how you'd like to improve, decide on a budget to spend on new software for your med spa. Determining what you feel comfortable spending (and covering long-term) before you find yourself deep into researching different software can help narrow your search and save you time. However, keep an open mind when you do start exploring. Just because something's over-budget today doesn't mean it won't be feasible next year after continued growth and increasing revenue.  

Many business owners tend to hold a magnifying glass to all money earned and spent by their company, especially when considering implementing new software, systems, and technology in their office. If you're feeling uneasy about spending more cash on your business, rest assured that not all software and online tools cost thousands of dollars. There are several low-cost (~$50 per month) and even FREE resources you can access to improve your med spa! Be on the lookout for products with free trials, tiered features, monthly subscriptions, and current promotions. 

Research Different Platforms 

After outlining your software goals and deciding on a budget, we can now start researching different resources! Google, of course, will be your best friend while you're getting started. However, don't be afraid to message company representatives, hop on a video call, or request a virtual demo of their products. Sales reps for these products have a vested interest in reeling you in, so don't shy away from asking them the hard questions or even requesting case studies showing proven success with their products. 

Don't forget - Reach out to your industry colleagues! If you have friends in the industry who aren't your direct competitors, they'd be happy to share what software has and hasn't worked for their med spas and aesthetic businesses. 

Need Help Getting Started? 

Astanza has spent years helping businesses find success in their niche areas using tools that best fit their needs. To help you get started improving your aesthetic business, we've developed a quick list of software, apps, and tools we recommend researching and implementing in your clinic!   

Whether it's tracking before and after photos, organizing patient forms, or even staying on top of your Instagram content for the month, this list offers helpful tools applicable to each busy medical spa. In fast-paced environments like med spas and laser clinics, we understand the importance of streamlining every process. Click here or below to download our List of Best Med Spa Software to Improve Marketing and Operations! 

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