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Astanza Tattoo Removal News: Episode 2

Curious about the tattoo removal industry? Ever wondered how laser tattoo removal works? Lucky for you, Astanza has created the segment “Astanza Tattoo Removal News,” your one-stop shop for all things tattoos, tattoo removal, laser technology, and more.

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Astanza Laser Celebrates 2021 Accomplishments Ahead of the New Year

2021 is coming to a close and the team at Astanza is incredibly proud of our accomplishments despite a year where the world is still struggling to get past the impact of Covid-19. 

From our growing #AstanzaFamily to our unmatched laser technology, service, training, and marketing support – it's been an incredible journey. We've rounded up some highlights to share as a farewell to 2021 and an enthusiastic welcome to the New Year.

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Expanding our #AstanzaFamily for the New Year

As we get ready to welcome the holiday season, the #AstanzaFamily welcomes new individuals to join our team and clientele! We also want to thank all of our amazing clients for trusting us with your aesthetic practice. We would not be the company we are today without your constant support and loyalty.

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Are Your Tattoos Stopping You From Joining the Marines? Learn How You Can Get Them Removed!

Thinking about joining the Marines but your tattoos are holding you back? If you have tattoos that go against the new tattoo policy, you may not be eligible to enlist. Learn more about the latest Marine Corps’ tattoo policy and how Astanza can help you find the laser tattoo removal treatments you need to get back on track with your journey to become a Marine.

On October 29, 2021, the Marine Corps updated its policy regulating tattoos, canceling the policy Marine Corps Bulletin (MCBUL) 1020 created in June 2016. The decision to change this policy came after a months-long review of existing regulations, which were believed to have an adverse effect on retention and recruiting efforts. As a result, a panel of Marines from various backgrounds and ranks recommended changes to the policy reflected in the bulletin.

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Astanza Community Laser Tattoo Removal Day

Astanza Laser is the leading provider of laser tattoo removal devices to non-profits and corrections facilities around the country and are experts in how to start and operate a non-profit laser tattoo removal program.

Periodically, Astanza gives back to the community by offering free laser tattoo removal to those in the DFW area that are not able to afford tattoo removal but want to remove painful memories of the past, improve their employment prospects by erasing visible hand or face tattoos, or have others reasons to remove a tattoo.

The next Community Laser Tattoo Removal day in Dallas, Texas, is April 9, 2021, at Astanza headquarters: 1810 S. Akard Street #500, Dallas, TX 75215. 

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