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Holiday Promotions to Boost Profits for Your Aesthetic Practice


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! That means it’s the most wonderful time to offer something festive and run special promotions for the holidays. Whenever you do so, whether it’s incentivizing new people to purchase your services or rewarding loyal customers, you’re bound to boost your profits. By creating holiday promotions, not only would this help influence your current clients to increase their visits or maybe even seek a new treatment you offer, but it would also attract new customers to your aesthetic practice. 

'Tis the Season of Giving

The holiday season is the best time for your aesthetic practice to offer its best deals! For example, you can run a special on gift certificates. Consider offering the purchaser a discounted service for themselves or maybe creating a general promotion, such as buy $150 in gift cards, receive a free $20 gift card. 

One way of running a special promotion is taking advantage of your email marketing to create a successful holiday marketing strategy. By dazzling up your email marketing campaigns for the holidays, you will be able to share special greetings, gift certificates, and promotions. Have loyal patients you want to give back to? Offer a personalized voucher code on the treatments they have been getting or are interested in!

Ho-Ho-Host a Holiday Party!

If you’re wanting to increase your profits before the end of the year, try hosting a holiday party in your office! Get into the holiday spirit by decorating your aesthetic practice and opening your doors to loyal and new customers! If you’re looking to get more people interested in your services, consider having a door prize special to give away either one laser treatment or any products you may want to sell. 

Another idea for a holiday party could be taking Ugly Holiday Sweaters to the next level. Create a strong relationship with your clients and invite them to a client-only Ugly Holiday Sweater party where the ugliest sweater owner could win a special laser tattoo removal or laser hair removal package. Want to expand your clientele? Get everyone to join in on the fun and host an “ugly tattoo party” where people can share their tattoo stories and vote on one individual who deserves a free session!

New Year, New You

Welcome this new year with a fresh start for your customers! 

The New Year becomes a perfect opportunity to run a special discount for your customers. Give people an incentive to start off their 2022 the right way. One way to create a special discount is to offer a package deal for your customers that will make them invest in their health and wellness. Bring importance to the opportunities laser tattoo removal may bring by marketing the possibility of a new start to their personal lives or an increase in job opportunities!

Gift A Giveaway

A great way to get your business booming is to get your customers engaging with and sharing your social media page. By doing so, you create a community that frequently promotes your business to their followers and gets a larger number of people to check out your page. In order to get your customers excited about your treatments, consider creating a holiday giveaway on your social media with requirements for your followers to like, comment, and tag a friend to be entered. 

Become one of Santa’s elves this year to give a lucky customer one free treatment! Use the magic of social media to create a giveaway contest and get your audience engaged with your Instagram and/or Facebook. The opportunities are endless when it comes to gifting a giveaway, as long as it follows three basic rules:

  1. All I want for Christmas…
    - Make sure the treatment you’re offering is something that your patients really want. It should be tempting enough for your followers to get excited about entering the giveaway and sharing it with their friends. 
  2. Value Wonderland
    - If your giveaway consists of a treatment package that your customers could easily get themselves at any practice, it’s more likely for them to have a low perceived value. Your products or services should be something unique, where your patients would happily pay the market price as a stand-alone offer. 
  3. Holly Jolly Results
    - A good treatment giveaway should help your customers get quality results in an easier or faster manner. It’s all about giving them even more of what they want. Be strategic about the giveaway! Add products or treatment packages that make sense to give to your customers, otherwise, your conversions won’t increase. 

So whether you run a special giveaway on social media, offer treatment package discounts or a gift card promotion, or even host a dazzle-worthy holiday party at your aesthetic practice – taking advantage of hosting holiday promotions will certainly increase your profits.

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