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Summertime Skin Ready with the MeDioStar Laser Hair Removal Machine


Sweet summertime is around the corner! With temperatures on the rise, people will soon show more skin and most likely want to remove unwanted hair. Astanza’s MeDioStar is the ultimate hair removal laser on the market that has faster, long-lasting results with minimal discomfort.

Encourage your current clientele and entice new customers to start their laser hair removal journey now to be ready for the hot months ahead.

As the warm season approaches, people will wear fewer layers of clothes, meaning more bare skin to show off! Now is the perfect time for your laser hair removal business to run specials for new and loyal customers to be confident in their skin during the summertime.

Begin Your Clients’ Journey with The MeDioStar

One way to get your customers ready for their laser hair removal journey is by informing them about your laser and why it delivers the best treatments and results. Clients want to know they’re getting treated with the most advanced technology, so be sure to share features about your laser that would create a sense of security.

For example, one of the biggest concerns about any laser treatment is patient comfort. The MeDioStar is a diode laser designed to instantly cool the skin during the firing process with its 360º skin cooling Monolith handpieces. The integrated cooling system alleviates the skin before each treatment pulse and reduces any thermal injury risk.

Many clients have busy schedules and don’t want to waste time sitting in lengthy treatments. Luckily, the MeDioStar features an XL handpiece that sports the industry’s largest spot size at 10 cm2, making treatments faster than ever. For example, the XL handpiece can treat an entire back in as little as 4 minutes compared to other hair removal lasers that take at least 15 minutes to treat large areas. In addition to the XL handpiece, the MeDioStar features a line of handpieces in different sizes to conveniently treat other locations such as the face, underarms, back, and legs. The MeDioStar’s Monolith handpiece line is perfect for individuals interested in parting ways with unwanted hair and saving time and money from constantly shaving, waxing, or plucking before sweet summertime!

Additional features of the MeDioStar laser include its unique wavelength combination of 810/940nm and variable pulse length that guarantees safe treatment for all skin types, including recently tanned skin! So your clients won’t need to schedule around their sun-soaked adventures to get treated.

Easy, Breezy, Summertime Specials

It’s no secret that people look for deals during the summer months, so why not plan some discounts to get loyal and new customers in your door!

Special pricing for new customers will increase the chance of growing your clientele base! Some examples include:

  • “Summer has arrived! Start your laser hair removal journey with us today and save 20% on your first treatment!”
  • “Buy your first treatment, get your next treatment 50% OFF!”
  • “Cross off laser hair removal from your summer bucket list with this limited-time package deal!”
  • “Get your bikini body ready with fast and effective laser hair removal! Save 15% when you book before May!”

You can also offer deals to existing loyal clients to encourage them to finish their treatments before summer. Some deals could include creating BOGOs with half-off pricing on their next treatment or giving them “refer a friend” credits. These credits are a win-win for you and your client as they can get some money back into their pockets while you get a new customer!

Are you thinking of going all out for the summertime? Consider hosting a giveaway on social media to get the attention of a wider audience! Offer an entire laser hair removal package for FREE to entice your clients to spread the word by tagging their friends on your social media post. Despite there only being one winner, you’ll be able to reach potential clients who will likely look up your aesthetic practice’s information, even if they don’t win the giveaway. 

Dive Into Social Media!

Similar to social media giveaways, another way of getting attention to your company is to show off your work! Have fun with it, connect with your customers, and increase the exposure of laser hair removal. The more you work with your clients’ tastes and preferences in their social media feed, the more they’ll be willing to check out your business and book an appointment.

Take a peek at one of our clients, who does a great job sharing Instagram Reels to instantly give her viewers more information about laser hair removal treatments while including some viral sounds to connect with a bigger audience.

*credit to Jessica Talley from Precision Laser LLC

If you need some guidance on scheduling social media posts and need reminders for upcoming holidays, check out our FREE customizable aesthetic content calendar available for download! Organize your online content and run your promotions with ease!

Creating Your Social Media Platform

If you’re new to the social media game or want some tips on how to succeed on Instagram, check out our upcoming How To: Instagram for Laser Businesses webinar! Tune in LIVE on March 29th at noon CDT or sign up after to get the on-demand version!

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