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Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Hair Removal Laser


Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Hair Removal Laser
Purchasing a hair removal laser prompts the buyer to ask a lot of questions:
Am I legally allowed to fire this device, how can I pay for this, what will maintenance look like, and many others. We've compiled a list that interested parties can use as a guide when starting their laser purchasing journey. Following these six questions can help you save time throughout the laser hair removal device research/buying process:

1. Can I fire a hair removal laser in my state?
Before starting the entire process of researching laser equipment, companies, market potential, etc., it's important to find out whether or not you can legally perform laser hair removal in your state. Each state has different laws surrounding who can perform any laser treatment, and some are more strict than others. Researching your's state's laser laws first can save you a lot of time and eliminate several unknowns that can slow down your buying process. Click here to get connected with a Representative to help find your state's laser regulations.

2. Is financing available for a laser purchase? 
Now that you know whether or not you can perform laser hair removal in your desired location, the next best step is to figure out if financing your laser purchase is an available option. Because capital equipment (like aesthetic lasers) are larger price-tag items, almost every purchaser uses financing of some kind.

Some distributors may offer financing internally through their own company, and others may refer you to a list of trusted finance companies they regularly use to help clients complete a purchase. Either way, it's highly unlikely a laser distributor will ask you for 100% cash upfront. Check if you pre-qualify for financing here. 

3. Who can I call if my laser isn't working? Are warranties available?
Service is arguably one of the most important things to consider when researching your next hair removal laser purchase. Be sure to research the company and their device maintenance standard - especially their turnaround time on service requests. Astanza prides itself on our Service Team's rapid turnaround rates, unparalleled customer services, and laser expertise. If our clients ever experience an issue with their device, we can have a certified engineer at their location as early as the next day. Our Service Team is comprised solely of degreed biomedical engineers who are highly trained in the innermost workings of each of Astanza's devices.

4. Are there any required consumables? 
Older lasers often require costly consumables, necessary to perform each treatment (ex: expensive handpiece covers). Hair removal laser buyers beware: most distributors do not account for these consumable in the original price they quote you, and you may end up paying thousands more for consumables that could have been avoided. Newer laser hair removal devices, like the Astanza ReSmooth and MeDioStar by Asclepion, do not necessitate any consumables (or hidden added costs).

5. What skin types can the laser treat?
To ensure you can treat as many potential customers as possible, it's essential to clarify with your laser company the range of skin types the hair removal device can treat. Older technology is extremely limited in this area of patient accommodation, as those lasers typically can not treat darker skin tones without the threat of unwanted hypopigmentation (the loss of melanin/lightening of the skin). Read more about the Astanza ReSmooth's ability to treat all skin types.

6. Average treatment time?
While you might think you're getting a great deal on that cheaper laser from 2008, be aware that older technology will cost you in the long-run. Using outdated laser hair removal technology leads to longer treatment time, fewer patients treated per day, and lower revenue overall. Watch this video comparing two hair removal lasers, and watch the practitioner treat a man's entire back in under 5 minutes.

Learn More About Your Laser Hair Removal Opportunity
These are just a few basic questions to help buyers begin their research process and find the right device for their clinic. Investing in new technology can be a complex process. Still, our Representatives are trained in the competitive differences between various systems and are excited to help clinics expand with reliable and effective laser hair removal solutions. Contact your Astanza Representatives today to learn more or click here / below to get in contact with our Team today!

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*Not for sale in the US. Device has been submitted for FDA approval.

Sarah Clarke

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