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Laser Hair Removal: The Best Aesthetic Treatment for Your Med Spa


Laser hair removal has become a favored procedure for people wanting their summer vacations to be hair and stress-free. It is considered the most sought-out laser procedure for both men and women to remove unwanted hair. The demand for laser hair removal is rapidly increasing, making it a highly profitable procedure to add to the services at your aesthetic business with the right tools.

Profiting with Laser Hair Removal

The laser hair removal business is a very profitable line of work, thanks to the treatment's ever-growing popularity. Based on a conservative benchmark, 30% of the population actively seek laser hair removal, 80% women and 20% men. In addition to the increased interest in laser hair removal customer demographics, laser technologies are improving to become more effective, comfortable, and safe for clients. 

Diode lasers, like the Asclepion MeDioStar, outperform other hair removal methods thanks to its 360º skin cooling Monolith handpieces, designed to cool and protect the skin during the firing process. The MeDioStar’s 10cm2 spot size can also treat a large area in as little as four minutes while still delivering exceptional results. This industry-leading spot size makes a significant difference compared to the 25 to 30 minutes it can take to treat areas such as the back, legs, or chest with other lasers. Furthermore, the MeDioStar can safely treat all skin types, even newly tanned skin, allowing you to market to a wide audience without any limitations.

As an aesthetic business owner, adding laser hair removal to your list of services can create a stable revenue stream. With the right technology, marketing, training, and procedure application, you can break even in the first few months! Since most patients need a minimum of 6 to 8 sessions to experience long-lasting hair removal results, you’ll have a great chance of creating customer loyalty and ultimately increasing your profits with each procedure. If the average cost for one session is around $398, you could be charging each customer between $2,388 and $3,184, depending on the required number of sessions!

The best part? A treatment can take as little as 4 to 15 minutes depending on the treatment area size. That means if you book four clients every hour, you could bring in a revenue of $101,888 in one day!

State Regulations

To start your journey in the laser hair removal business, it’s essential to research your state’s laser hair removal regulations. Laser regulations differ from state to state, and can vary in the type of requirements needed to operate a hair removal laser. 


Technicians wishing to operate a hair removal laser need a strong understanding of how the laser works, the interaction between different skin types and hair types, hair growth stages, and how to use the laser correctly. For this reason, it’s important to get certified even if your state does not have any regulations. The good news is that getting certified for laser hair removal is easy and can be done in a few days!

Expand Your Services, Make Your Clients Happier

As we mentioned, the laser hair removal business is in high demand, principally in the spring/summertime when people are getting ready for their hot weather vacations! You probably have existing clientele looking for options to remove their unwanted hair–don’t miss out on this opportunity to serve your clients while attracting new leads.

Most aesthetic and cosmetic service consumers are interested in other aesthetic procedures and products. In fact, selling to an existing customer has a success rate of 60-80%! So by introducing laser hair removal to your business, you’ll be able to retain your current clientele while attracting new customers. 

If you’re still looking to bring in new customers, consider creating special promotions or discounts! You could even use the referral method by rewarding clients with a special deal for bringing in their friends and family! It’s a win-win situation!

Grow Your Practice

Laser hair removal is the number one method to remove unwanted hair for both men and women. By expanding your services, you could attract new clients, increase your revenue, and be able to add more trained staff to help you treat your customers.

Need help growing your aesthetic practice with laser hair removal? Read all about expanding your aesthetic business with laser hair removal here.

For questions about our laser hair removal devices or your state’s regulations, contact us at info@astanzalaser.com.

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